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Residual Transmissions – A Radio Play Starring the Cold War Ghosts of North Georgia

Fall Out Shelter“The first A-bomb ever to fall on man was dropped on Hiroshima August 6, 1945. That was the ‘beginning of the end’ for civilized mankind. That epoch making moment started the downward plunge of this evil generation to the bottomless pit. But for the intervention of God, which will come at the critical moment, demonized mankind (or “beastkind”) would commit universal suicide.  The A-bomb should be called the ‘Hell Bomb.’ If war is hell ( at least a man-made hell) then the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb will turn this earth into a seething inferno of death.”

– Evangelist Martin Luther Davidson, from What Hope Has a Christian in an Atomic War?

Elberton, GeorgiaThe spring time sun simmers at 90 degrees, and humming bees busy themselves among the fields finding holes in grey, old fence posts to build their hives. In the distance, cattle chew carefully on the dusty grass, heedless of a pair of swifts darting down to catch the insects disturbed by their mid-day meal. Rural north Georgia is a land of ghosts and memories – here contemporary concerns have made little leeway against the stronghold of decaying traditions.  Time travel is possible here if one knows the proper way to see.

This week’s edition of the local newspaper, The Elberton Star, laments the loss of nearly 1000 residents in the last few years – those seeking opportunity elsewhere as retailers and local businesses sink beneath the turning tide of economic hardship that is sweeping the United States.  A local gospel music station plays songs of end times glory while the days heat slowly turns towards dusk, moths come out of the woods like dreams rushing to catch up with the turning pages of an old, worn Bible.  It’s time to tune in to Residual Transmissions  – a psycho-acoustic adventure into the subtle spaces and trailing threads of timeless awareness that open where hope and fear both succumb in turn to the succor of nature’s victory over humanity’s hubris. The radio antennae is broken and all the songs and voices are washed in waves of static.


Residual Transmissions – a selection of atavistic sound explorations dedicated to the subtle energies of Elberton, Georgia the resting place for one the most mysterious omens of the Cold War – the Georgia Guidestones.

IMG_20140409_235321Residual Transmissions is a radio play for the end of days – apocalyptic, asemic pulp fiction from the celestial edge, a vigorous alchemical marriage of sound and subtle substance – narratives of love and strife, aetheric residua leaking out from the borders of the collective consciousness.

Residual Transmissions offers a rare and exciting exploration of the nuclear era – an imaginal recreation of the inevitability of mutually assured destruction arising from the apocalyptic alembic of the Trinity Tests and the seed planted with the success of the Manhattan Project.

CLICK HERE to join us on this lo-fi sound adventure transmitted direct from Elbert County, Georgia – listen to The Message, it could change your life!