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St. Joseph’s Waltz – A Silent Tale of Nigromancy

“If the land is being poisoned witchcraft must respond…”

– from an interview with Peter Grey & Alkistis Dimech of Scarlet Imprint

“Few mysteries are as misunderstood as those of the night…”

– from Craft of the Untamed by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold


The Eyeless Owl presents…

St. Joseph’s Waltz – A Silent Tale of Nigromancy

A Screen Test from a Non-Existent Film

Music –

‘Lydia’s Circle’ by J. Stockinger & D. Metcalfe

Puppet/Set Design/Production –

D. Metcalfe

Unintentional Experimentation – Exercise 33 & Aetheric Insinuations in the Everyday

This weekend paranormal investigator Howard Heim and I stopped in at The Occult Bookstore in Chicago to discuss the possibility of organizing an upcoming lecture by Dennis William Hauck from the International Alchemy Guild.  While absorbing the store’s ambiance I noticed they had a copy of Clint Marsh’s Mentalist’s Handbook out on a table. Having enjoyed his introduction to William Walker Atkinson’s Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, I decided to pick it up for something to read on the train ride home.

Marsh’s exploration of the ‘aether’ is interesting for it’s experimental nature. Rather than rush in with a head full of New Age jargon, he’s open in his introduction with the fact that he is consciously writing in an authoritative voice to facilitate the work (and because it’s almost impossible to resist after getting a taste for the style while reading 19th and early 20th century initiatory and mind science publications.)

Being subject to the same questions of authenticity, and reality, that anyone is when honestly approaching liminal phenomenon, he requests that those experimenting with the suggestions in his book contact him with their results, questions and reports. In light of this open sense of inquiry into the unknown potentials of human existence I hereby present my own initial report, a day after purchasing the book, and in a situation where the experiment was quite unintentional…

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To Bear Without Abuse, The Grand Old Name of Gentleman

– from Scribners Monthly, Vol. 2 (1871), pg. 333

R.A.W. Memories – Personal Reflections on the Release of Robert Anton Wilson Remembered

“The works of Robert Anton Wilson have always been delivered to me as I am sure they have been delivered to others; I have come across them at opportune times, synchronistic moments. In an old bookstore on the top of a box I had gone through only days before, there lay Cosmic Trigger exactly when I needed Cosmic Trigger. And then I was awash in a sea of 23’s culminating in the number ’23’ being spray painted on the highway behind my home. Now as I write this there have been 23’s all over the place for two weeks straight and Ishtar Rising appeared buried deep in the wrong section of that same bookstore. But this is normal, I am sure the same has happened to you.”

– from Zac Odinn’s Robert Anton Wilson – Bearer of Gnosis, Agent of Negentropy in Robert Anton Wilson Remembered

Indeed it has, and in a nice crowning fashion just did. As I was browsing Twitter prior to starting this bit of writing what did I see?

As Zac concisely (synchronistically?) notes in his essay, “the negentropy manifests not as a sea but as islands shattering out of the depths;
burning, smoking islands rising from cold cold seas, brilliant flashes illuminating the dark. These vast energies are required as a concentrated response to widespread entropic decay in order to balance out that decay.” A random post on Twitter becomes a sign of some curious mystery, is it meaningful? There begins the quest…

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