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Opening the Conversation About NDE – Dr. Eben Alexander & the Question of Consciousness

There is a slow shift in our cultural worldview surrounding the nature of consciousness. It’s a shift that is occurring in incremental stages, its main bulk still writhing below the surface of frothing rhetoric and opinionated debate, but Newsweek’s  cover story this week marks an important change in the public discussion . Dr. Eben Alexander, an academic neurosurgeon, with 25 years of experience, including teaching at Harvard Medical School, has had an NDE.

In his upcoming book, Proof of Heaven: A Neuroscientist’s Journey into the Afterlife, Alexander describes in detail his Near Death Experience, which is detailed in brief through the Newsweek article, Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife. His experience, as he understands it,  radically altered the static assumptions that he had developed throughout his career in academic science.

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From Gettysburg to Mars (and 2045 Along the Way): Andrew D. Basiago & the Secret U.S. Time-Space Program, by Michael J. Hobart

“The time-space age has begun.”

– Andrew D. Basiago

Amidst the post-millennial resurgence of conspiracy culture and the boom of alternative media, many self-identified whistleblowers have stepped forward with public revelations of their “insider knowledge” on the secret doings of governments and the so-called  ‘Elite.’ Typically, they are believed by some, and ridiculed by many.  These potential whistleblowers tell stories that are often impossible to corroborate, and push our accepted notions of reality to their limits.

In 2009, the controversial “Web Bot”, an internet software program that predicts future events by tracking keywords on the internet, began describing the impending emergence of a “planetary-level whistleblower” calling for disclosure to the public of life on Mars and the existence of time travel and teleportation technology.  In its September 15th2009 ATLA report (Asymmetric Trend Language Analysis), the Web Bot identified its whistleblower:  Andrew D. Basiago.  Since then, Basiago’s life (here on Earth) hasn’t been the same.

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