: Mnemosyne Arts :

Mnemosyne Arts – Memory Aids and Attendant Artifacts has begun production on their first offering, a series of contemplative mnemonic aids modeled after the work of mystic, philosopher and theologian Raymond Lull.


You can see the Mnemosyne Arts’ mnemonic aid in action in this clip from famed wonder maker, Ferdinando Buscema, at the 2013 Boing Boing Ingenuity festival:

Mnemosyne Arts will also be offering other selections that explore the realm of Ars Memoria, through curios, memento mori and memorial heads such as this John the Forerunner piece:

Mnemosyne Arts is the Research and Development division of the Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative, and provides a material companion to the cultural explorations found on The Eyeless Owl.

For more information on ordering and project commissions contact us at eyelessowl @ gmail.com

One response to “: Mnemosyne Arts :

  1. Your drawing style translates perfectly into sculptures…these make for some awesome little fetishes!

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