Alchemy, Hermeticism & Esoterica

Greg Kaminsky from the Occult of Personality podcast has a fantastic resources page:

Occult of Personality Links

Some quick highlights –

Adam Mclean’s Alchemy Web Site

Al-Kemi: Alchemical & Spagyric Products

Alchemical & Occult Diagrams

International Alchemy Guild

Alchemy Intertraditional – Iatrochymical Traditions & Natural Philosophy

Alchemy Journal

Andrew Chumbley:

Angelology of Pico Della Mirandola

Arcanorium College

Avalonian Aeon Publications

Avalonian Aeon – Blog Talk Radio

University of Amsterdam – History of Hermeticism & Related Currents

Revista Azogue

Beyond Reality

Caduceus Books

Daniel Schulke:

David Chaim Smith

Dennis William Hauck

Emma Hardinge Britten

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Flamel College Online Library

Freeman’s Reviews

Fulgur Ltd.

Hadean Press

Heuristic England

La Pierre Philosophe

Life of Ludovico Lazzarelli (1447/1450 – 1500) and works – in work

Lucky Mojo Curio Company

Magic Words – A Dictionary

The Magician’s Hidden Library

Maybe Logic Academy

Museum of Witchcraft – Boscastle, Cornwall

Musica Universalis


Ouroboros Press

Papers Falling From an Attic Window

Philip K. Dick & Religion

R.A.M.  (Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts Society)

Red Wheel/Weiser

Salamander & Sons – Arcane Book Publishers

Scarlet Imprint

Spiral Nature

Stars & Stones – Peter Stockinger

Strategic Sorcery: Thoughts on Thaumaturgy, Life Hacking & Liberation

The Super Enlightenment

Treadwell’s of London

The Hermetic Library

Weiser Antiquarian

The Witchipedia

Underworld Apothecary

Xoanon Publishing

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