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1.8 Million Gangsters, 100,000 Assassins – A Meditation on the Life & Writing of Benjamin Screaton Fulford, By Michael J. Hobart

“When historical events are taking place, the daily rush of news events can fog the vision. We have entered such a time of fog now, so it is a good time to stand back and look at the big picture.” – Benjamin Fulford, It’s Time to Look at the Big Picture Again

Benjamin Screaton Fulford first appeared on the conspiracy scene in the Summer of 2007 via alternative radio host and entrepreneur,  Jeff Rense, of The Jeff Rense Radio Program, RenseRadio Network and the website  In the world of alternative media- or rather you call it, conspiracy theory- the skeptic can usually dismiss the novel information presented based on the credibility, or lack thereof, of the one providing it.  “He’s a kook!” or “Who is this lady?” are sentiments easily accepted of some of the more popular conspiracy theorists and their theories.  Even those who readily believe that the world isn’t exactly as it has been presented to us, can find themselves shaken by the flaky surface or dubious background of those they hope to hold up as prophets in a world which seems to lack any.  In the case of Fulford, however, determining the credibility of the source, and the veracity of the information provided, is a trickier proposition for both skeptic and believer, as well as those of us who like to consider ourselves “realists.”
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Think of the peaceful cat… – Reflections on Initiation by Guido Mina di Sospiro

The world’s best fame no higher doth advance

Than breath of wind, whose fickle gusts deceive,

And changing side, leaves name to change and chance.

– Divine Comedy, Purgatory – Canto 11, 100-102, Dante Alighieri, tr.  E.H. Plumptre (1886)

After a very long initiation, I’ve come to the conclusion that initiation per-se is overrated. The problem with any initiatic journey is initiation itself:

Why, after all, is it necessary?

Why are we never content in our own skin?

I find the humble domestic cat to be a very wise creature. Once his needs are taken care of, he’s just happy with himself and the routine that he establishes. He’s content with being, thoroughly satisfied ontologically. Nothing would be more repugnant to such a cat than going through the sort of torture, for lack of a better word, described in so many accounts of spiritual training.

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