From Gettysburg to Mars (and 2045 Along the Way): Andrew D. Basiago & the Secret U.S. Time-Space Program, by Michael J. Hobart

“The time-space age has begun.”

– Andrew D. Basiago

Amidst the post-millennial resurgence of conspiracy culture and the boom of alternative media, many self-identified whistleblowers have stepped forward with public revelations of their “insider knowledge” on the secret doings of governments and the so-called  ‘Elite.’ Typically, they are believed by some, and ridiculed by many.  These potential whistleblowers tell stories that are often impossible to corroborate, and push our accepted notions of reality to their limits.

In 2009, the controversial “Web Bot”, an internet software program that predicts future events by tracking keywords on the internet, began describing the impending emergence of a “planetary-level whistleblower” calling for disclosure to the public of life on Mars and the existence of time travel and teleportation technology.  In its September 15th2009 ATLA report (Asymmetric Trend Language Analysis), the Web Bot identified its whistleblower:  Andrew D. Basiago.  Since then, Basiago’s life (here on Earth) hasn’t been the same.

A lawyer by trade, and relative newcomer to conspiracy/truth media, Basiago made his first big splash into the forum less than a year earlier with a paper he published on December 12, 2008 called The Discovery of Life on Mars.  In the paper, which was originally submitted to National Geographic but rejected, Basiago attempts to provide photographic and analytic evidence based on images taken by NASA’s Mars exploration rover, Spirit ,that (1) numerous types of life exist on Mars, including two “humanoid” types, and (2) there is evidence of artificial structures, such as buildings, aqueducts and monuments on Mars, with similarities to the culture of ancient Egypt.

However, according to Clif High, the administrator of Web Bot and publisher of its ATLA report, Basiago’s emergence as the leading candidate for this prophesied “planetary-level whistleblower” role may have been related more to the internet buzz generated by a six-hour interview posted on YouTube from August 29, 2008 with Jessica “Mystic” Schab, in which he detailed his involvement as a child in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in a top secret U.S. time travel and teleportation program called “Project Pegasus.”  In the interview, Basiago also claimed that in the early 1980’s, when he was in his late teens, he became involved with the CIA’s Mars Visitation Program and made several visits to the secret U.S. Mars colony via a “jump room.”

With an article written by his friend, collaborator, and fellow “truth movement” activist, Alfred Labremont Weber (who would go on to write additional articles about Basiago’s revelations and discoveries),  Basiago’s profile continued to rise in late 2009. An inaugural appearance on the popular conspiracy-themed syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory coincided with the launch of his websites and   Perhaps he hadn’t reached the “planetary-level,” but within a year Basiago had gone from relative obscurity to the tip of the tongue of many conspiracy theorists surfing the web.

One of the more fascinating aspects of Basiago’s mind-bending story is that, at one point, he had forgotten most of it.   It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that he says he started to remember blocked memories of his experiences as a child and young adult in the U.S. Time-Space Program, and he says he spent the next 10 years researching them.  “My account is really a memoir that I’ve recovered from the recesses of my own life experience four decades ago.  And, in fact, if I had not gone about the process of recovering the memories, that is to say, focusing on them for 10 years, I’m not sure I would have been able to correlate much of the information, I would have simply forgotten it and moved on with my career as a lawyer and as a writer.” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09). Memories of his experiences, according to Basiago, had been blocked by project administrators with the use of hypnosis, memory blocking drugs, and Pavlov-type conditioning.

Understanding a bit more about the man himself is important as we step into exploring his claims. Andrew D. Basiago was born on September 18, 1961 in Morristown, New Jersey, and grew up in Northern New Jersey and Southern California.  His father, Raymond F. Basiago, was the Senior Projects Engineer for the Ralph M. Parsons Company in the mid 1960’s, and according to Basiago, was one of Project Pegasus’ principals, serving as the Parsons Company’s “point man” to the CIA.  “Project Pegasus fundamentally was a classified defense related R and D program that was focused on remote sensing and time, it was hoped that it would be an intelligence gathering program and become even more so in the future” (Coast to Coast Am, 11-11-09).  Basiago says Project Pegasus was administered and developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which back then was known simply as ARPA, and began officially in 1969.

“Pegasus was chosen because the technologies would take us over the rainbow. That in the same way that Pegasus in Greek Mythology flew to the summit of Mt. Olympus, these technologies would take us into non-ordinary experience, some of which would seem almost magical or fantastic in its reach, and in fact, that is what happened.”
– Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09

Basiago claims he became personally involved in the secret U.S. Time-Space Program in 1967 and 68, when his father took him on some test runs through “an energetic Tesla array”, making Andrew the first American child ever to teleport.  Two previous test subject groups, one comprised of Navy enlisted men, and the other comprised of disadvantaged Latin American children lent to the U.S. by their respective governments, had already been used to study teleportation.  In 1969, Project Pegasus created a third group of test subjects, recruiting 140 American schoolchildren from talented and gifted education programs from around the country to participate in the program, for the purposes of studying the physiological and psychological effects of time travel and teleportation on American school-aged children.

Interestingly, Basiago says his father didn’t push or choose for his son to be included as a participant in the program, but rather was informed by his superiors that Andrew would be a participant.  Basiago thinks this may have been prompted by information collected from visits to the future that indicated Andrew was destined to be the U.S. Time-Space Program whistleblower, which made the project principals want to get Andrew involved, and, therefore, his participation may have been the result of “retro-causation.”

According to Basiago, Project Pegasus was developing and experimenting primarily with two different types of “quantum access” teleportation technologies:  (1) “Tesla” teleportation and time travel technology, which was pioneered by the work of conspiracy theory darling Nikola Tesla and allows one to travel into the future, the recent past, or nearly instantaneously to a distant location, and(2) a technology called “Chronovision”, which allows one to view and/or enter holographic images from past or future events.

“I could see on the side of the tunnel that there were sort of luminous effects of other events going on that were rushing by very quickly, and then suddenly popped into view Santa Fe, and the tunnel closed, and we had essentially teleported 2000 miles across the country in a several seconds“
– Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09

During his experiences using the Tesla teleportation technology, Basiago claims to have made numerous, nearly instantaneous trips back and forth from a Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility in Morris Plains, New Jersey to Santa Fe, New Mexico, which he says over was used “as a sort of collection area for these teleportings that were going on from different, similar labs from around the country” (Coast to Coast Am, 11-11-09).

Along with these instantaneous trips, Basiago also describes teleporting into the future to the years 1991, and most notably, 2045 through what was described to him as a “stargate” located in a facility in Los Cerillos, New Mexico.  However, in contradiction with predictions of a bleak future made by other conspiracy theorist or truth movement types, Basiago describes 2045 as somewhat of a utopia.  While there to pick up microfilms with information about events that happen in the future back to the early 70’s, Basiago describes 2045 as a “positively transformed society” built on “peace and environmental sustainability.”

While Basiago believes that the Tesla teleportation technology could allow one to go back in time as well, it could only go back as far as the invention of the technology, itself.  Basiago claims he spent four “phantom summers” in New Mexico, after which he would teleport back to the day he left at the beginning of the summer.  Adult time travelers, like his father, also would teleport to New Mexico, spend several years there, and then teleport back to the day they left in order to brief the Executive Branch on the intervening events during that time.

One of the many experiences Basiago describes is one he had with a different type of teleportation technology that could also allow one to travel to the distant past. This technology, he says, sent him from a time lab in East Hanover, New Jersey in 1972 to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1863, the date of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  He was told that the technology was a “plasma confinement chamber” which would allow him to “transit through the quantum plenum.”

As evidence of his journey, Basiago claims that he actually appears in one of the only existing photograph taken on the day of Lincoln’s famous speech.  “I can confirm that this image was taken right after President Lincoln arrived on the dais, because when I walked over to this location and stood in this manner to detract attention from my shoes, I had been standing over by the dais, and Lincoln had not yet arrived, and I only stood in this position for several minutes until the quantum field effect produced by the plasma confinement chamber ended, and I found myself back in the time lab in New Jersey”  (Secret DARPA Time Travel Program May Hold Key to Understanding the Deep Politics of 9/11,  Basiago says that during his teleportation to 1863 he lost his shoes, but was helped by a cobbler he was able to later identify through historical records as “John Lawrence Burns.”

To accompany his experiences with Tesla-derived teleportation technologies, Basiago also had numerous experiences using a technology called “Chronovision.”  Basiago says Chronovision was able to “capture the residual signals of a past events and the insipient signals of a future events” which would then by amplified to create a holographic image.  Basiago says this technology was initially stumbled upon by Father Pellegrino Ernetti and Father Agostino Gemelli of the Vatican in the late 1940’s and early 50’s, who were attempting to separate and study the different frequencies present in Gregorian chants, who then passed it on to the U.S. government in the early 1950’s for further development by Italian physicist Enrico Fermi.   “As Father Ernetti said, ‘Every individual from birth to death traces an arc in the quantum hologram of light and sound.  Everything that has happened is happening now or will happen, is stored somewhere in the quantum hologram.  The challenge is to find it and capture the signal of it and amplify it.’  And that, in fact, is what Project Pegasus achieved” (Coast to Coast Am, 5-17-11).

During his Chronovision sessions, Basiago viewed major historical events such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the assassination of President Lincoln, and the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on September, 11, 2001.  Basiago also once observed Earth around the year 1 Billion B.C., as well as the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. in 2013, then submerged in brackish water.  However, as Basiago explained, this doesn’t mean that the Eastern seaboard will be flooded by some sort of catastrophic event before then- Chronovison was a technology that not only received images from past and future events from our timeline and reality, but also received images from past and future events from parallel timelines and realities.   “Project Pegasus proved the existence of the multiverse- the notion that the quantum hologram consists of a multiple set of adjacent timelines that are essentially similar, but that differ slightly, and are sort of densely packed, inter-nested sets of timelines” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).  This meant that from session to session, and subject to subject, details from past and future events would be different, limiting the usefulness of Chronovision as an intelligence tool.

Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean’s
Image Alleged Martian Base

After his experiences in Project Pegasus in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Basiago would become involved again with the U.S. Time-Space Program in the early 1980’s as part of the CIA’s Mars Visitation Program.  Basiago claims that by the late 1970’s Tesla teleportation technology had been developed on a larger scale into a “jump room,” located at a Hughes Aircraft facility in Los Angeles, California, which allowed nearly instantaneous teleportation to Mars.  “A jump room is essentially an elevator like device that you stand in, and while you’re standing in this sort of freight elevator like rectilinear box, it morphs into a cylinder and arrives somewhere else.  Now how this is accomplished, I have no idea.  It was never explained to those of us who were placed in the CIA’s Mars visitation program beginning in the summer of 1980” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-10-11).

“Mars harbors life.  That is to say, The Red Planet is an inhabited planet.  And this can be demonstrated by an analysis of NASA’s photographs from Mars”
– Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09

Basiago says he was told that the U.S. wanted to establish a “defense regime”  located on Mars not only to protect against possible attacks by extraterrestrials, but also to defend Earth from asteroids and other celestial objects that might collide with it. The government also sought to put as many US civilians as possible on Mars, not soldiers, diplomats, or astronauts, so that a basis would be created in public international law for the United States government to later assert a claim of territorial sovereignty over Mars.  Basiago claims he was one of 10 teen-aged participants in the program, including several people that went on to rather distinguished careers in public service.  One of these alleged participants, according to Basiago, was a young Barack Obama.
Basiago originally claimed he met Obama in 1982 through a mutual friend, while Basiago was a student at UCLA.

At the time, Basiago says Obama was introduced to him as “Barry Soetoro,” as he was still using the Indonesian last name he used before later taking on his father’s last name “Obama.”  During this alleged encounter, Basiago and Obama argued about politics, after which their mutual friend told Basiago “you better be nice to him, because he’s going to be president of the United States some day.”   Apparently, Obama, along with other future U.S. presidents, had been informed through intelligence gathered by teleportations to 2045, that he was going to be president some day.
More recently, Basiago has dramatically amended the story of his association with Barack Obama.

After his initial appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in late 2009, Basiago was contacted by a man named William “Brett” Stillings, who also claimed to be one of the 10 teen-aged participants with Basiago in the Mars Visitation Program of the early 1980’s.  It was through their discussions, that Brett reminded Basiago that Obama had actually been one of the other 8 participants in the program, and therefore had taken the jump room to Mars, himself.

Possibly a sign of Basiago’s truth campaign beginning to reach a “planetary-level”, or a sign that in the age of digital communications such widely disseminated mytho-poetic narratives need to be taken seriously for their influence on society, the White House responded to inquiries made by for an article they published entitled White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars.  Seeking a comment on Basiago and Stillings’ claims that President Obama had travelled to Mars as a young adult, Tommy Vietor, spokesman for the National Security Council, told journalist Spencer Ackerman that Obama went to Mars “only if you count watching Marvin the Martian.”

Many other notable people have been or were involved in the U.S. Time-Space Program if we are to believe Basiago’s story.  Two notable participants are former Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, whom Basiago claims was the defense attaché between Project Pegasus and the Pentagon, and another participant who was a young Project Pegasus staffer that helped corral the kids as they arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico after teleportation, former Governor of New Mexico, as well as a Former U.N. Ambassador and Energy Secretary under Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson.  “I’m calling on these two distinguished public servants to join me under the rotunda at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, the state capital building, in light of the fact that Santa Fe essentially is the Kitty Hawk of teleportation, and I want them to acknowledge the following:  One, is that there is a higher interest in public service than serving the cause of state secrecy, and that’s the overarching human interest that can be served and now needs to be served by the disclosure of life-advantaging information, such as is embodied in this revolutionary form of transport, that our great American civilization developed and that we now need to share with the entire world” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).

“I think the most significant figure, in fact, in the hidden history of US time travel technology is, in fact,  Enrico Fermi, and not John Von Neumann, or Albert Einstein, or other people who have been suggested”.

– Andrew D. Basiago on Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09

On one occasion, according to Basiago, he met future presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush at a luncheon, at which he claims a young George W. Bush was going around joking that “my daddy and I are going to be president.”  Many scientific luminaries of the 20th century are implicated as being involved in Project Pegasus, such as Dr. Harold Agnew of Los Alamos National Laboratories, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller of the Manhattan Project (who helped developed the atomic bomb), as well as former DARPA director and current Google executive Regina E. Dugan, whom Basiago claims was one of the 10 Mars Visitation Program participants along with Basiago, William “Brett” Stillings, and Barack Obama.

One individual mentioned in Basiago’s narrative that has come forward to refute his involvement, is remote viewing guru and entrepreneur Major Ed Dames, an original member of the U.S. Army’s remote viewing program and formerly the training and operations officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Psychic Intelligence Collection Unit (PSIINT).   In his interview from Coast to Coast AM from November 10, 2011, Basiago claimed that through their discussions he and William “Brett” Stillings were able to recall that Dames “with 100% certainty” was the main person training them late in the summer of 1980 at a facility in Mt. Shasta, California in preparation for their visitations to Mars.

According to Basiago, Dames “trained individuals like Brett and I to take the jump room to Mars and to survive on a surface where there were a variety of different predator species, some of which we could to outrun, some of which we wouldn’t be able to outrun” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-10-11). Coast to Coast AM host George Noory seemed shocked that Major Dames, a frequent guest on Coast to Coast, had never mentioned his involvement with Basiago and the CIA’s Mars Visitation Program.  Basiago responded by saying “some of us have chosen to go forward and tell the truth, others have taken I think an equally honorable approach of abiding by what they promised to do.”   The show was then joined by Basiago supporter Laura M. Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who claims she had been recruited to join the Mars colony in 2006 and 2007, but decided not to accept.

Major Ed Dames

Late in the show, Major Ed Dames, himself, called into Coast to Coast to refute Basiago’s allegations.  Dames said that in the summer of 1980, when Basiago and Stillings claim he trained them for their Mars visitations, he was an Electronic Warfare Officer, the first in the history of the 2nd Army Cavalry Regiment, patrolling the former East Germany/Czech border.  He also said that this was before he was involved with or knew anything about remote viewing.

Initially gentle in tone, Dames grew frustrated over the course of his appearance, and started lashing out at Basiago.  “The Pegasus Project doesn’t exist.  And the Montauk chair doesn’t exist.  No, not in our day-to-day reality.  Maybe in somebody else’s.”  When asked directly by Noory if he was Basiago and Stillings’ instructor, he responded:  “Uh, you’ve got me, you caught me.  Also, I don’t remember Barack so much, but I do remember Elvis, and Mel Brooks, and Lady Gaga.  I remember them distinctly.  Like the back of my hand too.”

During the contentious exchange, Basiago kept his cool and maintained his position.  ““Well, I’m sorry, I just don’t believe that.  I believe that’s a military cover story.”  Dames immediately responded, saying:  “Great, believe what you want.  But please, do me favor, and don’t include me in any of your fantasy delusions in the future.  No more emails, okay?”
Dames left the show, and when asked again by Noory if he stood by his story, Basiago said “I’m sticking to my guns, and I’m not going to call Major Dames a liar. I’m simply going to stand in my truth. I’m under no duty to prove my truth to anybody, but I am under a duty to stand in my truth and tell it, and I have during all my appearances on Coast.”

Basiago’s narrative of time travel, teleportation, and life on Mars is one of the many secret space program and Mars conspiracy theories that have gained popular attention over the last several years.  In fact, many of the most popular conspiracy theorists incorporate some element of the alleged “secret space program” discussion in their theories.   Conspiracy scene stalwarts such as Jim Marrs, David Icke, and long-time secret space program and Mars conspiracy theorist Richard C. Hoagland, are some of the most influential.

While interest in conspiracy theories regarding time travel, secret space programs, and life on Mars has gained popularity in recent years, these ideas certainly aren’t new.  Since the publication in 1895 of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, the concept of time travel, specifically through the use of a “time machine”, has captured the imagination of scientists, philosophers, and dreamers the world over.  Before the Wright Brothers flight in 1903, and before the discoveries of Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, etc. in the strange world of quantum mechanics in the first quarter of the 20th century, people have been pondering the possibilities and paradoxes of time travel.  Writers such as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Kurt Vonnegut made significant contributions to the intellectual exploration of time travel paradoxes and mythology.  To this day, time travel continues to be a fruitful source of exploration for science fiction films and literature, such as in the cult classic film from 2001, Donnie Darko.

Belief in the possibility of teleportation and remote viewing can be traced back even further, into the early history and writings of mankind.  “Kefitzhat Haderach” is a Jewish Kabbalic term meaning “contracting the path”, and is used refer to a miraculous travel between two distant places in a brief period of time.  Such “Kefitzhat Haderach” type events appear in the Talmud and other Jewish writings.  The concept of remote viewing is also similar to that of clairvoyance, or E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception), which can be found throughout ancient literature, mythologies, and religious texts.

The concept of life of Mars has compelled humans gazing up at “the red planet” since the early stages of mythology and science, and continues to mystify as we begin exploring the surface of Mars via  NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity.  H.G. Wells, once again, helped popularize the idea of life on Mars for the people of the 20th century and beyond, with the 1898 publication of his novella, The War of the Worlds, which has seen several movie adaptations, as well as Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 The War of the Worlds radio broadcast that convinced many Americans who were listening at the time that Earth was being invaded by Martians.  Science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlien also made a giant contribution to Mars literature and mythology, with his 1951 novel, The Puppet Masters.

In fact, one of the criticisms of Basiago’s narrative is that it seems to mirror elements found in popular science fiction sources and other conspiracy theories.  His description of watery, shimmering “stargates” is quite similar to those rendered in the 1994 film Stargate, and his story of a man finding pennies from the future is similar to a plot element found in Richard Matheson’s 1975 novel, Bid Time Return, which was later adapted into the popular 1980 film, Somewhere in Time.

However, Basiago’s response to these criticisms seems somewhat plausible, and is similar to those often cited by other conspiracy theorists.   “One thing I can add to the discussion of science fiction that it is a literary genre that was partially developed by the US intelligence community and military to take information from real clandestine projects and place them in fictional accounts so that the public would either be confused about the nature of things like new technical developments that were being kept secret, or if somebody who had been an insider pointed to the technology or described their experiences, their accounts could be attributed to a fictional genre.  So for example, with Star Trek they were revealing a teleportation technology right around the time it, in fact, emerged in the defense technical community in the United States, but they were depicting a form of teleportation that was literally the opposite of the teleportation technology they had developed”  (Coast to Coast Am, 11-11-09).

Other criticisms of Basiago’s story concern the quantity and quality of the evidence he provides to back up his claims.  In his paper from late 2008, The Discovery of Life on Mars, Basiago points out structures, animals, and even “humanoids” he is able to spot in NASA’s Spirit photographs that other observers might not see, such is the nature of interpretative photographic evidence.  Blurry photographs of the surface of Mars, or photographs of a supposed shooter on the grassy knoll in JFK assassination conspiracy theory, can act as a sort of Rorschach test, where one finds what one is looking for.  Also, with the photographic alteration software available today to anyone with access to a computer, it is often difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an original photograph and a doctored photograph.  From a theoretical standpoint, Basiago’s claim to be the boy in the photograph from the Gettysburg Address introduces a set of paradoxes common to any time travel story, fictional or otherwise.

While Basiago has talked of recent conversations and meetings he has had with Project Pegasus principals such as former CIA agent Courtney M. Hunt, and alleged program administrator Dr. Harold Agnew, transcriptions, audio tapes, or video evidence of these conversations has yet to be provided.

According to Basiago this is due to the fact that all of the evidence he has collected regarding the secret U.S. Time-Space Program, including Project Pegasus and the CIA’s Mars Visitation Program, will be presented in his tell-all book, Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream:  My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age, which as of his last interview on Coast to Coast Am in November of 2011, he said he hoped to complete by the end of 2012.  However, no recent updates regarding the completion and publication of the book can be found on either of his websites, or

As noted at the beginning, the validity of Basiago’s story may concern the accuracy of “recovered” or “repressed” memories.  In the field of Psychology and in the U.S. legal system, there continues to be much debate as to whether repressed and recovered memories are a real phenomenon  and can be trusted within a reasonable degree of certainty. It should be noted that recent experiments in neuroscience have shown that false memories can also be implanted during hypnosis, and via various cognitive therapy techniques.

According to the American Psychological Association, it is not currently possible to distinguish a true repressed memory from a false one without corroborating evidence.  However, in the case of child sexual abuse, there is evidence that repressed and recovered memories are a real phenomenon, and a common psychological response in children to block out trauma that may be too difficult for them to retain on the conscious level.

In the U.S. court system, contradictory findings have been made as to the admissibility of recovered or repressed memories as evidence.  In a 1996 ruling, a U.S. District court allowed repressed memories to be submitted as evidence in court cases, while in July, 2012, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that repressed memory is not acceptable as evidence in a legal action and is the equivalent of superstition, hearsay or “junk science.”

Regardless of the believability or verifiability of Basiago’s claims regarding his experiences with the secret U.S. Time-Space Program, as with other figures on the alternative media fringe, his motivation for conducting his “truth campaign” can be assessed in any number of ways.

Is Basiago just another cynical alternative media entrepreneur? To assume this one has to consider the drastic decision he would face creating these kinds of stories just to make money from the few appearances he makes at conferences and seminars, and the memberships, t-shirts, and coffee mugs he sells on his websites. Claiming to hold five academic degrees, including a B.A. in History from U.C.L.A and a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge University, as well as a law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, it stands to reason that he could probably find more fruitful sources of income.  In fact, Basiago claims that money earned from his private law practice is what allows him to go on his fact-finding missions and pursue the various aspects of promoting his truth movement.

Another possibility is that he is a disinformation agent working on behalf of the secret U.S. Time-Space Program, to help shield its activities and invalidate the concept of its existence in the mind of the public.  However, it is also possible that Basiago could also be a victim of disinformation, himself.  On October 17, 2011, The History Channel premiered an episode of its Weird of What? series hosted by William Shatner entitled, Parallel Worlds, which in one segment they relate the story of Basiago and his father’s experiences with teleportation and time travel.

However, Basiago says that the show was part of a disinformation attack, and that The History Channel invented and included an alternate set of experiences in the segment about Basiago that he has never claimed to have experienced, in order to discredit his story.  “I don’t think they really defame you on The History Channel until you’ve arrived, or until they’re convinced that you’re telling the truth” (Coast to Coast Am, 11-10-11).   Basiago views Major Ed Dames refutations of his involvement in the U.S. Time-Space program in a similar light.  “I would think that, generally, his response is an example of what I call the ‘high-psy disinformation ploy’, and that is to take real projects that the United States Government has been involved in, in time travel, with discreet time travel technologies, and activities like the Mars program, and attribute them very cleverly to the psy-warfare programs of that era” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-10-11).

It is also possible Basiago could be sincere in his efforts, but delusional.  While Basiago delivers his narrative in a calm, logical, lawyerly fashion, some of his claims are so extraordinary and laced with varying shades of paranoia and grandeur, observers who want to believe his stories may feel apprehensive in doing so.  On one of his fact finding missions, Basiago claims he met with a representative of the Executive Office of then President George W. Bush, whom Basiago claimed had knowledge of and ties to the secret U.S. Time-Space Program.

Basiago says that this representative told him “that (his) memories of having been involved in Project Pegasus were valid, that the project involved black technologies that represented sensitive national security secrets, that I was admonished, or being advised, to cease and desist from investigating my experiences, talking about them, or writing about them, and that if I didn’t do that, they couldn’t, quote-unquote, guarantee my survival” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).

One of Basiago’s most sensational, claims is that, along with other U.S. presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, he, himself, had been identified by intelligence collected from 2045 as a future U.S. president.  In fact, Basiago claims he will run for the Democratic Nomination for President in 2016, although he makes no guarantee that he will reach the White House after that specific election.

It is also possible that Basiago could be a genuine whistleblower.  Conspiracies do exist in the world, and often proceed for years without detection.  The CIA was involved for over 20 years in the international drug trade before their activities were exposed in the late 1980’s, in connection with the Iran-Contra scandal.  In relation to the existence of hidden technological advances, the U.S. government had developed “Stealth” technology and had been using “Stealth Bombers” operationally for years before anyone knew they existed.  Basiago maintains confidence in what he believes is “his truth”, and also thinks he has the evidence to back it up.  “This is a case, as a lawyer, I’m going to win” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).

As a lawyer, Basiago should be well aware of the fact that he could be opening himself up to libel and slander suits from the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Richardson, Barack Obama, etc. for involving them in his story of Project Pegasus and the secret U.S. Time-Space program.  Although, it is highly doubtful that such high profile figures would pursue a lawsuit against someone on the fringe like Basiago who’s telling an extraordinary story that most people would probably dismiss out-of-hand anyway.”

Various personal and geo-political reasons have been evinced by Basiago for why he has embarked on his “truth movement.”   Firstly, on a basic level, he believes that people “have a human right to a true telling of the natural history of the solar system that we inhabit” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09). Basiago says his father, by allowing him to participate in Project Pegasus, “permitted me to enjoy a profound cosmic privilege” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).

He also believes that teleportation technology can help alleviate the strains of the energy crisis and help curb the effects of climate change.   “It was hoped that teleportation would enable our military to strategically place troops precisely where they were needed on the battlefield.  But the net effect of that decision however appropriate it was during a time of world war, prevented teleportation from being introduced into the civilian sector as potentially our dominant form of transportation.  And so my truth campaign around teleportation is to urge the president to declassify this technology, so that we can implement it on a global basis, to address the crisis of environment and development that we find ourselves in, the crisis of global warming, and launch a new Manhattan Project to establish teleports at all the major transportation hubs around the world, so that we’ll at least have a fighting chance at achieving planetary sustainability” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-11-09).

Privacy rights, Basiago feels, are threatened by the existence of remote viewing technologies such as Chronovision.   “I think that the American public deserves to know this had been done with their tax dollars, and that the remote surveillance technology that DARPA has developed has gone far beyond just filming people on the street and using a computer to go through and make sense of the images and determine who’s a terrorist or whatever.  It, in fact, it involves the ability to invade the sanctity of everybody’s past and future” (Coast to Coast AM, 5-17-11).

Future Mars colonization also concerns him.  “I think that it’s critical that we disclose the truth to the American people and the people all over the world that Mars is inhabited because we’re going to have to do the right thing regarding Mars, and I’m urging that we develop a U.N. protectorate for Mars, under treaty, as we begin to have further activity there” (Coast to Coast Am, 11-11-09).

Despite the ridicule and possible threats that Basiago has received since embarking on his truth movement, he says he has continued the mission because of the immeasurable impact it could have on the future of humanity around the world, and eventually, off of it.  “I concluded that we really can’t implement our destinies as individuals if we hold onto our fear of death.  Achieving great purposes requires basically some form of fearlessness, in the sense that you have to let go of worrying about the consequences of what you’re doing” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-10-11).

If disclosure has yet to happen by his first term as President of the Unites States, Basiago promises to bring down the curtain of secrecy that has shrouded the secret U.S. Time-Space Program and other secret government programs.  “I’m also going to be opening up, where it doesn’t present a clear and present danger, I’m going to be opening up the secret defense and intelligence files so that the American people can know what’s been done in their names and with their taxpayer dollars, and also establishing a truth and amnesty process where individuals who have worked in these secret projects, like Major Dames, can come forward without fear or favor and really reveal what they’ve been involved in” (Coast to Coast AM, 11-10-11). Andrew D. Basiago was contacted for comment on this article through his email address at  Basiago was reached through this address, but ultimately declined to comment on the article.

Regardless of whether one believes Andrew D. Basiago’s story, the popularity of time travel and Mars conspiracy narratives and mythologies is indicative of the deep connection between humanity and the many still unanswered questions we have regarding our relationship to time, space, and the universe, in general.  Maybe these questions will always remain unanswered.  Perhaps Basiago’s “truth campaign” will yield the results he seeks, and in short time, or somewhere in the distant future, we will all learn the true nature of time travel, teleportation, and the existence of life of Mars.  Until then, all we can do is keep exploring, keep dreaming, and keep our eyes locked on the heavens above.

Michael J. Hobart is a musician and film theorist. His interest in a rational exploration of conspiracy culture was sparked by a youthful engagement with Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus Trilogy, and an admirable ability to suspend disbelief. Profiles on the Fringe is his ongoing investigative project looking into the lives of parapolitic’s more vocal insiders.

8 responses to “From Gettysburg to Mars (and 2045 Along the Way): Andrew D. Basiago & the Secret U.S. Time-Space Program, by Michael J. Hobart

  1. Thank you.

  2. Anthony M. Falsetta

    Well written Michael. Personally, I believe Andrew but am open to variations on the theme. Time will give us the full Truth.

  3. I have never been to this website before, but I am so glad I did. It was only be synchronicity that I happened by. I know there is much hidden from people and even if this story is not the full truth, I know there are kernels of truth within that will expand as we move forward. I have much respect for Ed Dames and I am sure he either being a good soldier or is still under the effects of repressed memories. Also, it could have been an Ed Dames from alternate timeline. Anyways, I love the objective manner in which this piece was written and will pass it on to many.

  4. As a photo analyst for MARS (Mars Anomaly Research Society) I support Andy’s truth that Mars is indeed inhabited. I have personally, through thousands of hours examining NASA Mars photos, found many humanoids, hybrids,habitats, surface water, animals, a dinosaur and abundant artifacts and ruins. Below is a PDF from the Annals of Mars at Lewis

    Click to access MARS-Andrew-D-Basiago-Ancient-Egyptian-Scorpion-Woman-Serket-7-7-10.pdf

  5. Andrew is a Total Fraud.
    His project is to create a story about his travel to Mars such that it becomes Not credible and thus makes real information presented by another genuine whistleblower about such Martian base(s) to also become suspect.

    Andrew and his close associates are PSYOPS/CO-INTEL people.

  6. if he steps into a portal to travel and it shuts when he arrives, how does he get back?

  7. A Google search for the book planned for 2011 :
    ” Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age”
    Andrew D. Basiago

    led to here.
    Maybe link to it from here eventually.

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