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If you dream of a dog and he bites you

Pythagorean theories on the harmony of the celestial spheres postulate correspondences stretching through the abstraction of number, sound and into light.

The difficulty for many has been crafting representations through art that encompass this process and remain comprehensible and communicative.

An Unfinished Substance: Cut-up#5 - Life Science Library ‘Matter’ 1963 - Zac Odin

Harry Everett Smith created hand painted films that were accompanied initially by jazz music. In subsequent screenings the music changed to fit the time period, Smith wanted contemporary music played with his films based on when they were screened, not when they were made. His visual explorations were meant to encompass universal themes that would remain current with each new iteration of music.

[open myth source] – “where the recombining of elements and the interactive process is more important than the product.”

A Bright Matter: Cut-ups - Life Science Library ‘Matter’ 1963 (Final Result) - Zac Odin

“Differing from other music, here soundscape is no longer the background but the foreground as the sound collage drives the experience; sound is now the story that we process and interpret individually and collectively.

A series of segways or glimpses into in the Sonic – Human Interface.” – Willi Paul : [open myth source] myth as soundscape

Pythagoras and his followers saw these correspondences through imaginal means. Mathematical relationships were concrete realities.  Philosophical epiphanies were arrived at through intense meditation, cementing the relationships in their minds.

The sounds and their direct relationship to mathematics were tied through ritual to corresponding emotional states. This, tied with image, creates a mnemonic device for encompassing a wider set of information. Allegorical stories along with music create a dynamic vehicle.

“I think that with music you can really accelerate dramatic moments because of the kind of ineffable shorthand of certain musical conventions, or musical innovations that just make sense, and bypass rational judgment in a way that writing can’t always do, or takes longer to do.” – Eric Lindley, Careful –Oh Light – A Conversation

“Over coffee and liqueurs we would sometimes listen to John Jacob Niles’ recordings. Our favorite was ‘I Wonder As I Wander,’ sung in a clear, high-pitched voice with a quaver and a modality all his own. The metallic clang of his dulcimer never failed to produce ecstasy. He had a voice which summoned memories of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere. There was something of the Druid in him. Like a psalmist, he intoned his verses in an ethereal chant which the angels carried aloft to the Glory seat. When he sang of Jesus, Mary and Joseph they became living presences. A sweep of the hand and the dulcimer gave forth magical sounds which caused the stars to gleam more brightly, which peopled the hills and meadows with silvery figures and made the brooks to babble like infants. We would sit there long after his voice had faded out, talking of Kentucky where he was born, talking of the Blue Ridge mountains and the folk from Arkansas…” —Henry Miller, Plexus pp. 366-367.

The Royal Portion - Paracharattein to Nomisma

7687. If you dream of a dog and he bites you, you will have good luck – Harry Middleton Hyatt,  Folklore from Adams County Illinois

I decided to test the [open myth souce] idea and used two Willi Paul’s [open myth source] tracks and then layered guitar over them. I slowed down one of the WP tracks & messed with the stereo, Lft/Rt channels to build out the sound a bit.  Fiddle with it in Win Movie Maker and it’s a picture with sound that can be used to accompany the pictures and text in this post created from the elements at hand.

*this post is a collage of quotes from other sources, images from Zac Odin and  Paracharattein to Nomisma, along with text taken from discarded portions of an upcoming Alarm Magazine article on ‘audible color’. Another experiment with the open myth source concept.

Step Sideways

Coming into the 21st century we have so many pressures to adjust to. Beyond manic self indulgent corporations and entrepreneurs that undermine our social structure, there is the tension of violence from dissatisfied groups, individuals and ideologies, and there is  the environment that is, whether due to human causes or not, changing in ways that will be uncomfortable for the status quo within a very short time.

The suburban life that so many in the U.S. are used to is not a viable way of living. Old patterns of understanding the world, or at least the patterns that have developed since industry and the abstraction of technological efficiency began eating away at localized communities, are being unraveled faster than they can be replaced. In this unstable situation it will take individuals who are capable of constant change and revelation to overcome, endure and build into the future.

Yesterday I did a short interview with Willi Paul, thefounder of Planetshifter Magazine,  and it brought to mind all the  folks I’ve come across since I started moving around online. I met Willi a few months ago and was impressed with the fact that within a very short time he’d managed to wrangle up interviews with over 200 folks across the spectrum of art, industry, education and all the in-betweens to talk about how sustainability was affecting them and what they were doing to create a world that can pull out of the downward toss up it seems to be heading towards now.

One of the most rewarding things about the communication platforms that are developing is the number of inspiring folks out there who are jumping in with no reservations and just trying to get things done.  The only way things are going to get better is if we all take a step sideways from our usual routine and start looking at things in a more profound way.