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Fouling the Water – Impotent Imagination & Poison Myths

Mytho-poesis is like a gun, you can take it out and train yourself through the controlled application of fire and force, or you can walk into a mall and expose your impotence in a violent and irresponsible act. Any time you attach an image to a conceptual framework and distribute that little package to the populace you’re playing with the cultural narrative. This can be used to help or hinder society, and when it’s done as an act of spite from an unrefined consciousness it starts to foul the collective mental waters.

Under the auspices of popular voices like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, we talk a lot about positive myths, myths that uplift us and invigorate our lives. For scholars whose diet is strict and indulged in the company of profound minds past and present, this may be a proper perspective. When we consider, however, that there are other conversations that come to the community on the same neutral terms of mytho-poesis it becomes necessary to recognize that there are irresponsible ways to mix the voice and vision.

I was recently reminded of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” trope used by folks who feel burned by the mismanagement of organized religion. With all this mytho-poetic theorizing going on I suddenly realized that the FSM was actually a poisonous entity. It’s vacuous nature, devoid of any potent conceptual purpose, houses itself in the cultural narrative, creating a meaningless negation where growth could be found.

It’s the flip side of mystery, an infantile image aligned to a zombified corporate rationalism. Upheld as an image of intellectual freedom it exposes the impotent imagination of it’s exponents and their inability to reach a true  illumination of the intelligence.

A deep sense of compassion reaches out to these hurt intellects festering under the sway of a poisonous mythos. Lacking all beauty, empty of a Hermetic humor, the FSM is a cold cell for bitter hearts. With all the archetypes of critical intelligence to choose from, to center in on such a sad thought form represents a frantic misstep on the road to reason.

So take heed when your bile rises and your creativity is sparked. Aid in the movement of truth and resist the urge to create empty vessels that set sail to suck meaning from the collective consciousness.  The passage is fit with enough trials, we don’t need any more impotent arguments to foul the water.