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Community Parasites

Thinking about manufactured scarcity lead me to look around the local environs with an eye keyed in on gaps in the social structure. Areas that had been picked clean or surrounded by illegitimate interests.

As I mentally perused my community I realized that a good chunk of small business was in some way aiding the decline of our collective culture, if not actively, then passively by not focusing outside of a small set of anemic goals.  It seems there’s a lot of trickle down coming from the universities, management coaches, networking groups and associations that’s corrupting the potential for stable, interesting and culturally diverse communities to arise.

There are too many stale ideas, old habits, prudish strategies being passed around as gospel in a time when the opportunities opened up by communications technology makes a much richer experience possible. You get some crippled thinker at the top espousing ideas on making fast cash and pretty soon there’s another cell phone vendor moving in where the bookstore used to be.

In a piece written for Planetshifter Magazine I continue to explore why every entrepreneur and business needs to ask themselves…am I a parasite or a provider?