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A note on walking…

If you own a car it’s difficult to fully experience how filthy the civilized world is. Boxes, bottles, paper, and various other tidbits of cultural detrituThe Civilized World is Filthys spot the landscape. Chunks of rusted metal, pieces of molding fabric, and unsavory rubber shapes jettisoned from decaying cars make the thought of walking barefoot untenable.

How does an ancient, rusted nail end up on a sidewalk next to an acre of poorly tended field?

What happens overnight, early morning or in late afternoon that a wet sock, ripped pair of underwear or perfectly serviceable sweater end up in the gutter of a highway?

While you drive the world around you becomes annihilated in tender solipsism. A windshield and an assortment of mirrors do nothing to reveal the details and passing pieces of civilization’s entropic end.

Take a walk, feel the warmth of our slowly dying sun, listen to the bird calls against an ambient bed of white noise, watch your step amongst the broken glass…and smile.