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mthing + zacodin – pickingatbones

i am picking at bones

the raven alights on a beach in the fall…

I am picking at bones
Like a harp
Picking my finger on each rib exposed
Of a fish skeleton
At the edge of a lake
The grey rocks
Rounded and scattered forever
The sharp tip of each rib
Hurts my finger
But I play on
The water flows
Waves so small on rocks
And mountains rise dark green
Behind me as I am bending down
Then the clouds
White and grey
Is the snow coming?
I am trying to read this form
This shape exposed on the shore
Backbone on the rocks
But I cannot decipher it
Unravel it
So I hold it in my hands
Ribs pointing at the sky
I hold it in my hands
Feet on the rocks
Water rushing behind
Mountains, trees, torn rocks, and grey stumps
Clouds and sun above
Then the bones are alight.

A  collaboration –  Jeremy (mthing) and Zac Odin