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The Mind – A Festering Sore: An Excerpt from Mark Probert’s Deep Trance-Lecture No. 14

Probert 2-1

Telegnostic Mark Probert channeling the Inner Circle

For your education and enjoyment, a short excerpt from The Inner Circle of Light’s Transcript from Deep Trance-Lecture No. 14.

In this excerpt we find E Yada di Shi’ite, as channeled by Mark Probert, offering advice on the benefits of meditation, and the difficulty in finding a good teacher:

“Now we cannot teach simple relaxation with any effective results to the student unless we can somehow get at that student’s mind to discover what is disturbing him. And undoubtedly, when we do get at that student’s mind we will discover that it is not one thing that is agitating him and keeping him jumping around like the Mexican jumping bean, it is many things. Many things that he has put into his unconscious self and covered up, and it has been rotting there. It has become a festering sore.

AUDIENCE: A garbage can with a lid on it!

That is right. And it has been sitting in the hot sun for a long time.

Audience: And these meditative processes actually kind of loosen the lid a bit.

That is right! That is right. The psychiatrist in your world, in your country…it is a great day for him. Only trouble is, many of these people (psychiatrists) are mentally and emotionally disturbed themselves.

Audience: I thought you were going to say that they were sitting on more garbage than the patient.

Often this is true. Unfortunately, as this is the case, you should consider yourself very fortunate indeed, can you encounter one that himself is clear enough to take care of you. ”

About the teacher:

E Yada di Shi’ite was born in Kaoti, the city of the temples in a civilization called YU. This civilization was located in the Himalayan Mountains, and existed some half million years ago. It consisted of 180 million people at the time when Yada was a Kata (Priest) and later a Yada (High Priest).

He was one of the heads of the mystical order called Shi’ite.

E Yada was killed in a violent quake that destroyed the civilization with 80 million people.

He was about 34 years old when he died and the YU civilization 1,024 years old when it perished.

About the channel:

A self described ‘Telegnostic from San Diego,” Mark Probert purported to channel the ‘Inner Circle – Teachers of Light” from 1949-1968. His first experience with a UFO occurred prior to Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting which began the UFO craze in 1947.

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