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What is the Stone That These Buildings Are Built On?

Streets scattered with the bodies of birds, feathers and wings, sacrificial remains of the morning commute.

One day walking a longer mile I came across a coyote in a ditch. This is the price of progress. Coyote who once inspired dances and masks, fear in the night, stories of creation, conflict and resolution, now a broken body alive only with bees.

“Then the silence increased. As we listened to the last faint prayer of the old canal and the crumbling of the bones of the moribund palaces with their green growth of beard, suddenly the hungry automobiles roared beneath our windows.

“Come, my friends!” I said. “Let us go! At last Mythology and the mystic cult of the ideal have been left behind. We are going to be present at the birth of the centaur and we shall soon see the first angels fly! We must break down the gates of life to test the bolts and the padlocks! Let us go! Here is they very first sunrise on earth! Nothing equals the splendor of its red sword which strikes for the first time in our millennial darkness.”

We went up to the three snorting machines to caress their breasts. I lay along mine like a corpse on its bier, but I suddenly revived again beneath the steering wheel — a guillotine knife — which threatened my stomach. A great sweep of madness brought us sharply back to ourselves and drove us through the streets, steep and deep, like dried up torrents. Here and there unhappy lamps in the windows taught us to despise our mathematical eyes. “Smell,” I exclaimed, “smell is good enough for wild beasts!”

And we hunted, like young lions, death with its black fur dappled with pale crosses, who ran before us in the vast violet sky, palpable and living.”

The Futurist ManifestoF. T. Marinetti, 1909

So what is the stone that these buildings are built on, and what does it cost to cut it to size?

Coyote Devours the Moon…

Wolf devours the moon

Coyote, ululating on the hill,

is it my fire that distresses you so?

Or the memories of long ago

when you were a man roaming the hills.

Jaime de Angulo, Coyote’s Bones


They’ve set a bounty on coyotes in a neighboring town; very distressing news to hear. I’d been waiting all winter for the weather to break to hear their nightly conversations.

Last fall we were out in a nearby field, walking our dog, and were followed cautiously by a ghostly friend. Slipping in and out of sight, it kept watch, pensive and waiting for our next move.

When spring came we could hear them in the distance rejoicing after a successful hunt. Down by the creek bed, out in the small sliver of woodland that the village leaves wild as a feeble reminder of nature, they hunt and sing. In the morning finding a bit of torn rabbit hide, calcified droppings; it was good to know they were there.

Now the county has sent out trappers. Their call was a way to ride out into the Eternal, now with cries cut short, there’s another road block on the path to grace.