1.8 Million Gangsters, 100,000 Assassins – A Meditation on the Life & Writing of Benjamin Screaton Fulford, By Michael J. Hobart

“When historical events are taking place, the daily rush of news events can fog the vision. We have entered such a time of fog now, so it is a good time to stand back and look at the big picture.” – Benjamin Fulford, It’s Time to Look at the Big Picture Again

Benjamin Screaton Fulford first appeared on the conspiracy scene in the Summer of 2007 via alternative radio host and entrepreneur,  Jeff Rense, of The Jeff Rense Radio Program, RenseRadio Network and the website rense.com.  In the world of alternative media- or rather you call it, conspiracy theory- the skeptic can usually dismiss the novel information presented based on the credibility, or lack thereof, of the one providing it.  “He’s a kook!” or “Who is this lady?” are sentiments easily accepted of some of the more popular conspiracy theorists and their theories.  Even those who readily believe that the world isn’t exactly as it has been presented to us, can find themselves shaken by the flaky surface or dubious background of those they hope to hold up as prophets in a world which seems to lack any.  In the case of Fulford, however, determining the credibility of the source, and the veracity of the information provided, is a trickier proposition for both skeptic and believer, as well as those of us who like to consider ourselves “realists.”

In an article by Dr. Henry Makow (purveyor of conspiracy website henrymakow.com and inventor of the board game Scruples) published on rense.com on June 30th, 2007  entitled “Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati”, Fulford first rolled out a unique and compelling narrative that he has carried through, and elaborated on, in the five-plus years since:  that an Asian secret society , to be known later as “The White Dragon Society”, had given an ultimatum to the Western banking cabal, or ”Illuminati”- give up your plans for global domination and massive depopulation, or be killed.

Two days later in an article Fulford, himself, published on rense.com entitled “The Secret History of the Freemasons in Japan”, he further detailed the trace of Western influence and of alleged manipulation and control by the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers throughout the history of Japan.  This was followed by interviews on The Jeff Rense Radio Program on July 5th, 2007 and July 23rd, 2007, in which over the course of over 4 hours Fulford fleshed out his vision of how the world secretly works behind the scenes, as well as his own personal history, and the story of how he became aware of the conspiracy and then, subsequently, became personally involved in its opposition.

Fulford’s colorful narrative began to attract attention on the internet and in alternative media, and then broke through into the mainstream on July 25th, 2007 when satirist Stephen Colbert featured a segment mocking Fulford and his story of the “Illuminati” and its plans for depopulation on his show, The Colbert Report.  Colbert then joked about his desire to become a member of the “Illuminati”, himself.  This is par for the course for the deadpan Colbert, but there existed an irony in his out-of-hand dismissal of Fulford: just a few years earlier, Fulford would have been the type of guest that Colbert would have welcomed as an unchallenged expert- a Canadian expatriate author and journalist, living and working in Japan for one of the world’s most respected business and financial publications.   Prior to his dissemination of “Illuminati” conspiracy plots and descent into alternative/conspiracy media,  Benjamin Fulford worked in the mainstream media as a journalist for roughly 20 years, ending in early 2005 after he left his position as Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, a position he had held since 1998.

In Makow’s original article on rense.com and in subsequent interviews and articles, Fulford claims that he left mainstream journalism and quit his prestigious position at Forbes after potentially damaging articles he had written on Citibank, G.E., and an unnamed anti-virus software company were rejected by his editors due to conflicts with Forbes advertising interests.  In the bio found on his website, benjaminfulford.net, Fulford has invited Forbes to sue him if what he is saying is untrue.  After his exit from Forbes, Fulford says he began to realize that he was getting too close to the truth, and that the mainstream media wouldn’t support his future investigations.

Fulford says he then began work on a book to be published in English about the Yakuza organized crime gangs and their influence and control over Japanese government that he knew “would be so explosive, he would either have to leave Japan or get killed” (Rense Interview 7.5.07).  The day after sending the first two chapters of the book to his publisher, Fulford claims he was mysteriously contacted by the granddaughter of the Meiji Emperor (who he later believed was alerted by Japanese security police that had been monitoring his email), warning him that he “shouldn’t get the Yakuza angry that way.

She then urged him to watch the 9/11 truth film, 9/11: In Plane Site.   Fulford says he assumed it was “anti-semitic nonsense”, but after he watched it he followed a long trail of research which led him to view the 9/11 attacks as part of a larger conspiracy orchestrated by the “Illuminati” to establish a “New World Order.”   In 2006, Fulford went on to publish his own 9/11 truth book in Japan, which he says has sold over 80,000 copies.   According to his benjaminfulford.net, Fulford has sold over 500,000 copies of the 15 books he has written in Japanese.

The next major event in Fulford’s story happened in the spring of 2007, when he interviewed former Japanese Finance Minister, Heizo Takenaka.  Fulford says he confronted Takenaka in the interview, asking him why he had sold out the Japanese financial industry to the Rockefellers with the recent reforms that had been implemented, and why Japan doesn’t use its multi-trillion dollar trade surplus to end poverty and environmental destruction.  Fulford claims that Takenaka answered that he was told that if the Japanese politicians didn’t sell out to the Rockefellers and implement the reforms, and instead pursued a plan to end poverty and environmental destruction, Japan would be attacked by an earthquake machine.

Initially skeptical, Fulford says he did his own research and came to believe what Takenaka had told him.  He contends that this earthquake machine is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Project), a project shrouded in secrecy and developed by the U.S. Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, as it is more commonly known.  This interview was videotaped, but Fulford has only released sound-free footage of it to accompany other online videos he has appeared in.  Fulford later claimed that HAARP was, in fact, used against Japan on several occasions, and that nuclear bombs implanted in the seabed off the coast of Japan by agents of “The Cabal” had caused the earthquake and tsunami that led to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011.

Shortly after his interview with Takenaka, Fulford claims Takenaka sent a Japanese freemason and ninja assassin to meet with him and offer him the choice of death, or of joining the Japanese freemasons and being rewarded with the job of Finance Minister of Japan.   Fulford says that at this point he would have had to make the same choice that he believes that many well-intentioned people have to make when they get too close to the conspiracy:  sell out and live, or be killed.  But the day after his meeting with the freemason ninja assassin, Fulford was contacted by another mysterious figure- someone claiming to be a representative of a Chinese secret society offering Fulford protection from the Japanese freemasons, and Rockefeller/Rothschild cabal.

They approached Fulford after being made aware of his situation with the freemasons, and after learning of a book he had written claiming SAARS, or H1N1 virus, was a bio-weapon designed and unleashed by the cabal targeted to affect Asians, with the purpose of reducing the Asian population to 500 million.  They told Fulford they were members of “The Red” and “The Green”, two secret societies that were participants in China’s Boxer Rebellion of 1900 and other political uprisings in Asian history.  They then told him they wanted him to create a new, separate Western secret society, made of members from the different Asian secret societies and some Western secret groups, that would function to fight the Western cabal and their plans for global depopulation.

Their ranks include over 6 million members worldwide, including 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 assassins, and include influential people in government, education, and business.  This group of Asian secret societies would be now known as “The White Dragon Society,” and Fulford would act as their spokesman and intermediary in negotiating with the cabal.  Fulford accepted their offer, joined the society as their first non-Asian member, and thus began his quest in exposing and fighting the globalist conspiracy of the Western elite.

The best analogy for what is happening to the West is the fall of the Soviet Union. It started with a ship-yard strike in Gdansk Poland and ended with the fall of the Soviet Union in what in retrospect seems like no time whatsoever. At the time, though the several years in between those two event seemed to last an eternity.

Right now in the West, the regime change against bankster controlled criminal government has started with Iceland but it will end with the United States and the Vatican.

It is something like a Titanic hits the iceberg type of moment where technicians and the ship’s top crew know the vessel is doomed even if they cannot say exactly how long people have to get onto the lifeboats.”
– Benjamin Fulford, It’s Time to Look at the Big Picture Again

Fulford’s mysterious image and story took another strange twist late in 2007, when a video appeared on the internet of Fulford interviewing alleged conspiracy bigwig, David Rockefeller, while Rockefeller was in Japan supposedly solidifying his position, and the position of the people he represents in the cabal, within the Japanese financial industry.  The video of the interview begins with a separately taped explanation (verging on the edge of disclaimer) from Fulford, attempting to provide the proper context with which to view his approach in interviewing Rockefeller.  He reassures the audience that if he appears to be friendly with Rockefeller and not as directly confrontational as most of his articles and interviews have been, it is because he had to “operate within Rockefeller’s matrix” or would get shut out and not get any of the answers for which he was looking.

Throughout the video, footage of the interview with Rockefeller is continuously interrupted by the separately taped footage of Fulford, as he reads between the lines for the audience, explaining what Rockefeller is really saying when answering Fulford’s questions about East/West relations and geopolitics, in general.   The videotaped interview with Rockefeller, believed by many conspiracy theorists to be a high level member of the “Illuminati”, have led some observers to question whether Fulford is the muckraker and revolutionary he claims to be, or simply a disinformation agent working for the very powers-that-be that he claims to be fighting.

Over the next few years, Fulford continued to tell his sordid tale of secret societies and hidden geopolitics through various venues:  regular interviews on The Jeff Rense Radio Program and articles for rense.com, a three hour interview with popular conspiracy website projectcamelot.com, an interview on The Alex Jones Show with guest host Jason Berma (that would be contentious at times when Alex Jones, himself, called into the show to confront Fulford with allegations he had made that Jones had been spreading CIA propaganda concerning China), interviews on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton, numerous articles and blog postings on his own websites, benjaminfulford.net, benjaminfulford.typepad.com, and benjaminfulford.com, and several more books published in Japan.

Fulford kept his audience updated on negotiations, confrontations, and the push-and-pull that was taking place in this epic struggle between the “Illuminati” and “White Dragon Society”.  Negotiations with different factions of the “Illuminati” (Bush/Rockefeller/Oil faction, British/Rothschild/Nuclear faction, P2 Masonic Lodge, etc.), alleged arrests (Microsoft C.E.O. Bill Gates, former president George Bush, Sr., etc.) assassination attempts of key figures in the power struggle (President Barack Obama, Fulford, himself, etc.), and many predictions of game-changing events (multiple reports of the collapsing of the US Federal Reserve and U.S. currency) were reported that would lead to the cabal’s inevitable downfall.

Most of Fulford’s sources for these stories were unidentified “insiders” from different factions of the “Illuminati” and different governmental organizations, foreign and domestic, and therefore difficult , or at times, impossible, to verify.  His predictions often came and went, unfulfilled, according to Fulford, either due to last minute negotiations or sabotage, or simply lack of corroboration by other sources in the mainstream or alternative media.

In the last few years, Fulford has made connections, and started appearing in online videos, with other figures of the new age/conspiracy/alternative media, most notably psychic-spiritualist-conspiracy theorist David Wilcock of divinecosmos.com, who first interviewed him in early 2010.  Wilcock quickly latched on and started to follow and report on Fulford’s story of the Western “Illuminati” vs. the “White Dragon Society”, culminating with what Wilcock and Fulford have referred to as “The Lawsuit to End Financial Tyranny.”

On November 23, 2011 a lawsuit was filed in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York by an attorney named Neil Keenan, claiming to represent “The Dragon Family”, a coalition of Chinese families who are seeking over a trillion dollars in damages from the U.S.  Government, U.S. Federal Reserve and other defendants, based on 134.5 billion dollars in 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Bonds that they had been issued in exchange for caches of gold the Chinese families sent to the Reserve to support the U.S. dollar.

This is in connection with an incident from June 3rd, 2009, in which two Japanese men were arrested by Italian customs officials and the Italian Financial Police as they attempted to cross the border into Switzerland with the bonds, generally referred to as the “Chiasso” case, named after the town in Switzerland in which the two men were arrested.  The lawsuit claims that a conspiracy was hatched to prevent the two Japanese men representing the Dragon Family from cashing the bonds, and that Keenan was offered $100 million by high level officials to turn over the financial instruments without disclosing their theft to the Dragon Family, so that they could be converted through a United Nations “Sovereign Progam.

Along with the U.S. government, others named in the lawsuit include UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Giancarlo Bruno, who is identified as head of the banking industry for the World Economic Forum, Italy’s ambassador to the UN, Cesare Maria Ragaflini, Ray C. Damn, president of the Office of International Treasury Council, and David A. Sale, the deputy chief of council for the cabinet of the OITC.   Fulford claims that this “Dragon Family”, are some of the people he has been representing under the “White Dragon Society” banner.

Both the arrests from 2009 and the lawsuit from 2011 have garnered some mainstream media attention, with reports surfacing from Fox News, Financial Times, and other outlets around the time of the initial arrests, and fewer, less notable media outlets, such as courthousenews.com, reporting details of the lawsuit.  According to an article from Financial Times on June 18, 2009, the U.S. Secret Service and Italian authorities had determined the bonds were probably fake, and were attempting to trace their origin, possibly through similar counterfeiting operations run by the Italian Mafia.  The lawsuit was withdrawn in June, 2012, but attorney Neil Keenan claims this was due to jurisdictional issues and that the lawsuit will be re-filed at a later date.

Fulford has also affiliated himself with some even stranger, more mysterious figures in the conspiracy world, such as Alexander Romanov, an alleged drug-runner who claims to be a member of the “Gnostic Illuminati” and rightful heir to the Russian Romanov dynasty, and Leo Zagami, a man who claims to be a member of the infamous P2 Masonic Lodge, as well as other secret societies.  Both men claim to be part of the “Illuminati”, but wish to negotiate with Fulford and the “White Dragon Society” in hopes of coming to a peaceful resolution.  Fulford also has close ties to the self-proclaimed “white hat operative” whistleblower with military ties who calls himself “Drake.”

Fulford has reported alleged developments in the fight against the Western elite orchestrated by dissidents within the U.S. legal, intelligence and military communities as told to him by Drake.  Most notable was Drake’s “green light announcement” that there would be a series of major arrests of figures in the political arena and financial industry before, and leading up to, July 4th, 2012.  July 4th passed without any news of such arrests being made, and many conspiracy theorists who had hoped that Drake was the genuine article, and not just a fraud or disinformation agent, began to lose faith.  In response to a letter from a reader regarding Drake’s failed “green light” prediction, on July 6th, 2012 Fulford wrote on benjaminfulford.typepad.com“Many people have given me dates that come and go without the predicted events happening so I have stopped publishing any such announcements.”

Amateur conspiracy theorists, and other members of the alternative media, have varying views on the legitimacy and credibility of Fulford and his work since leaving his job at Forbes and mainstream journalism back in 2005.  Some view him as a genuine muckraker of the highest order.  Some view him as a disinformation agent out to invalidate the reality of the conspiracy for the Western elite.   Some view him as a mainstream, respected journalist that went off the deep end, and can no longer be trusted.  Some view him as a cynical fraud making his living off the naivete of his audience.  The most dismissive of observers view him as a delusional, possibly drug-addled, racist flake.

In viewing his work objectively, it is possible to find proof for all of the aforementioned scenarios.  When compared to his work for Forbes (most, or possibly all, of his articles are still available in their online archives,) his current articles and blog entries  are much looser and sloppier, characterized by the use of broad generalizations and extreme rhetoric, which, at times overwhelms any facts that might be presented.  At other times, Fulford provides a wealth of detail that can be fact-checked, and seems somewhat plausible in outlining the wide-ranging conspiracy that he believes shapes our world in its past, present, and future.

One situation in which Fulford’s slipping journalistic standards may have come back to haunt him is in regards to a libel case that was allegedly brought against Fulford and his book publisher in Tokyo District Court by Steven L. Herman, a broadcast correspondent and bureau chief for The Voice of America, based in Seoul, South Korea.

According to available documentation, Herman won his caseagainst Fulford and his publisher (Herman vs. Fulford, Fusosha, and M. Katagiri) on June 14, 2009, and was awarded over 1.7 million yen, or approximately 17,000 in U.S. dollars or Euros based on the exchange rate at the time. Documents from the case can be linked to from Fulford’s Wikipedia page, and include a passage in English that reads as follows:

“I, Benjamin Fulford, am author of a book entitled ‘The Real Identity of Uncovered ‘Rulers of the Dark’ (the ‘Book’), and our company Fusosha Publishing Inc., is a publishing company of the Book and I, Matsuki Katagiri, am the publisher of the Book. On Page 91 of the Book, it was stated that ‘There are CIA spies among foreign correspondents’ and ‘one of such spies is Steven Herman, a foreign correspondent for the Voice of America’. However, these statements contradict the facts. We hereby express our heartfelt apology to Mr. Steven Herman for the fact that with these statements we have hurt Mr. Steven Herman’s reputation.”

Attempts at finding further corroboration of the lawsuit and its ruling were unsuccessful, but the basics details of the lawsuit have remained part of his Wikipedia bio to this day, and are often reproduced on websites that feature articles about Fulford. No mention of the lawsuit and its ruling can be found on any of Fulford’s websites (benjaminfulford.net, benjaminfulford.com, and benjaminfulford.typepad.com).

“The order to stab this writer with a poisoned needle was given by Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his North Korean faction, according to North Korean, South Korean and Japanese military intelligence and underworld sources.” – Benjamin Fulford, Japanese Power Broker Ichiro Ozawa Ordered My Murder

There are also times when Fulford’s stories seem far-fetched and possibly driven by delusions of grandeur, particularly his numerous reports of attempts being made on his life, or the alleged offers to be made Finance Minister of Japan or the C.E.O. of G.E for his compliance with the “Illuminati” and abandoning his crusade against them.   He also relates other stories that seem even less plausible, such as the assassination of his great-grandfather, George Taylor Fulford, by the Rockefellers for attempting to fund technology developed by Nikola Tesla that would lead to free energy, or his suggestion that a mysterious, salamander-like parasite had been injected into his body and had to be removed from his spinal area in surgery.  On rense.com, Fulford even posted a picture of the supposed creature.

“Benjamin Fulford” – Oil on Canvas, by Tiiu Rebane (2009)

In assessing his credibility, it is also difficult to overlook the previously mentioned individuals with whom Fulford has worked and aligned himself.  If one visits the websites of Jeff Rense and Henry Makow, the men who helped introduce Fulford to the alternative media scene, at rense.com and henrymakow.com, one can find numerous articles and links to websites that appear to be covertly or openly anti-Semitic in nature. This clouds the nature of Fulford’s own intentions, given his preoccupation with the Rothschild dynasty and the “Jewish bankers” he claims help run the world.

While Fulford almost always differentiates the majority of Jewish people from a secret “Khazarian” sect within their community that he claims has manipulated them and lied to them over the course of thousands of years of history, and also claims to have Jewish blood inside him, he often falls prey to using the label “Jewish” as an easy adjective to attach to those he is criticizing.Such slippery language can be found in a post from August 13, 2012 on benjaminfulford.net-  “Message to the Jews:  you have been kicked out of over 100 countries in the past 200 years, so, you must stop pretending you were always just innocent victims. It is time to stop thinking in terms of ‘us’ (Jews) and ‘them’ (Goyim), and start behaving like a civilized people all from the same human race. The Jews are like a beautiful woman (the decent and honorable majority) with syphilis (the gangsters hiding in their midst). If the Jewish people do not remove the criminals from the top of their own leadership, they may once again suffer collective punishment for the actions of a tiny criminal minority. Fortunately, there are signs of just such an internal purge.”  Fulford’s interpretation of the role of this “secret sect of slave drivers” throughout history, and in particular regarding the establishment of the state of Israel, makes one consider if one can be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic.

It seems possible in principle, and when investigations are made into this “Khazarian” conspiracy concept, there are other people who have a similar view of the Jewish people and Zionism as Fulford.  Fulford also seems to loathe Hitler and the Nazis, and points to the U.S. faction headed by George Bush, Sr. as a Neo-Nazi regime, which might make it difficult to deem him truly anti-Semitic.  However, his differentiation between Kharzarian Jews from Europe, who represent Western banking interests, and Jews originating from the Middle East, is commonly found in anti-Semitic conspiracy tropes, and based on genetic research is spurious as well.  Lingering questions understandably remain of these anti-Zionist types, and what their true motivations, feelings, and beliefs might be.

Other associates of Fulford have similar credibility issues, but usually for less nefarious reasons.  Investigations of Leo Zagami’s background  suggest he might not be the “Illuminati” big shot he says he is.  Alexander Romanov, who claims to be a “Grand Master of the Illuminati”, has a background that is similarly difficult to trace.  The “white hat operative” Drake, with his numerous failed predictions and anonymity, also pushes the limits of credibility.

David Wilcock has been a fixture on the conspiracy and new age scene of the internet since the mid 1990’s, providing a stream of failed predictions such as his “Ascension 2000” millennial prophecy which, obviously, never materialized.  Strange Universe Radio host Sean David Morton also has severe credibility issues, as detailed in a thorough investigation of his background by ufowatchdog.com.

Another factor in consideration of the post-mainstream media work of Benjamin Fulford is the existence of a certain architecture in his story that is common to many other conspiracy theorists and their theories:

(1) yes, there is a wide-ranging conspiracy out there, with secret forces controlling the world for their own benefit and to the detriment of the majority of people,

(2) in discovering the conspiracy and aiming to defeat it, he has been drawn into the battle, risking his own well being and livelihood, and

(3) victory of the forces of good over evil is inevitable, with a new age of optimism, prosperity, and peace on the horizon.

The skeptic might point to this architecture with incredulity, while the believer might find truth in this common struggle that we are all facing, and hopefully will defeat.  However, to go along with all these potential red flags regarding Fulford’s credibility, there remains a wealth of work in mainstream journalism with major publications to back him up.

At Forbes.com, one can read through dozens of articles written by Fulford covering subjects ranging from the world economy, technological innovations, market trends, corporate intrigue, Japanese politics, and the Yakuza gangsters.  And while other journalists and skeptical layman observers might scoff at some of the details of Fulford’s conspiracy narrative, would they argue that there isn’t a conflict, financial and political, between Western and Eastern interests playing out on the global stage?

Benjamin Fulford was contacted for comment on this article via email addresses listed on his websites. He replied quickly and with courteousness, and wrote that the article “seems overall to be fair and objective” and that it was “good to see a fact-checking journalist at work.” However, there were a few things he wanted to address:

First, he wanted to clarify some details in the article regarding the formation and constituency of The White Dragon Society. Appropriate changes have been made, and are reflected in an updated version of the paragraph describing its formation, its purposes, and Fulford’s role in the organization.

Second, he wanted to address the circumstances surrounding the Stephan Herman libel lawsuit. “The reason I decided not to contest the lawsuit was that Mr. Herman was forced to leave Japan and got divorced as a result of what I wrote and I felt sorry for him. He behaved towards me in ways that were incompatible with being a journalist, such as trying to get me kicked out of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan for spurious reasons after I started writing about 911 and similar topics. That is why I hinted in a book that he worked for the CIA. However, in research during the lawsuit it became clear he did not work for the CIA but rather worked for the propaganda division of the US State Department. It was an insult, I felt, to real CIA members to associate this man with them.”

Third, he wanted to address the allegations floating around the internet that his work over the last several years had been influenced by the use of drugs or drug abuse. “The other issue I would like to talk about is the allegations I am a drug addled crazy. The fact is that I used to smoke marijuana and I openly admit it. Also, after I got involved in all this, I was invited by a long term acquaintance and “music journalist” by the name of Steve Mclure, to have a line of cocaine. I did so, and the incident was filmed and widely disseminated to make it appear I was a coke-head.

I have repeatedly offered to take a blood test to prove the only drug I am taking is alcohol (which I should probably cut down on although I only drink at night). The “Romanoff” character also approached me with 70 kilos of marijuana laced with toxic mind destroying chemicals and told me to introduce him to the yakuza or else he would kill me. I introduced him to a Japanese public security police official pretending to be a yakuza. He was sent by people working for George Bush and Tony Blair. The plan was to get me to smoke the toxic pot and destroy my mind before having me arrested for dealing drugs. It failed.”

Finally, he wanted address the suggestion that his work over the last several years didn’t reflect the same level of journalistic standards he applied while writing for Forbes. “It is true that I no longer have the luxury of fact checkers and skillful editors that I enjoyed at Forbes. Also, because of the nature of the reporting I am doing I have to rely on anonymous sources. Such sources are always less reliable than named sources and need to be treated with extreme caution. Sometimes they manage to fool me into putting out disinformation. If I find out, I issue a correction. It is also true that many of my colleagues have been murdered (investigate Paul Klebnikov and Christopher Story as examples) and many of my sources stay anonymous in order to protect their lives.”

In a sense, Fulford is a symbol of a paradox inherent in any debate concerning the credibility of mainstream journalism vs. the alternative media.  If the skeptic is only willing to believe information from reliable sources, wouldn’t Fulford’s background with a publication like Forbes convince them to give his more unusual theories a chance?  If the believer is untrusting of mainstream journalism, and feels that the truth about the world is obscured by such sources, how are they to trust someone who spent 20 years of his life working in a medium they inherently distrust?

Despite all the confusion, mixed feelings, and uncertainty his post-Forbes work may cause, one things seems to be clear to this observer:  Benjamin Fulford is a sort of litmus test for what one is willing to consider, who one is willing to believe, and how, exactly, one arrives at a point where such considerations are necessary.

Perhaps Benjamin Fulford is a disinformation agent?  A con-man?  A sincere person led astray by manipulative forces?  Perhaps he is a qualified journalist reporting on a reality most other journalists, for fear of losing their careers, are reluctant to write about?  Is he merely a once respected journalist, fallen victim to mental illness, drug addiction, racist ideology, or any of the other things his adversaries have suggested of him?  Clearly, Fulford is a passionate man, and if he is any of these aforementioned things, he embodies them to the fullest.  As he said in his first interview on The Jeff Rense Radio Program– “when you have 100,000 assassins backing you up, you don’t have to be chicken, okay?”

Michael J. Hobart is a musician and film theorist. His interest in a rational exploration of conspiracy culture was sparked by a youthful engagement with Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus Trilogy, and an admirable ability to suspend disbelief. Profiles on the Fringe is his ongoing investigative project looking into the lives of parapolitic’s more vocal insiders.

11 responses to “1.8 Million Gangsters, 100,000 Assassins – A Meditation on the Life & Writing of Benjamin Screaton Fulford, By Michael J. Hobart

  1. This article gives Fulford far too much credit. The man is a complete joke, as are his cohorts Zagami, Wilcock and Drake. All of these men make extremely bold claims which, if true, would be nothing short of world changing. And yet, after years of hyperbole and countless failed predictions from all of them, all of their claims remain completely unproven and utterly without evidence.

    I don’t consider any of them to be at all genuine, or even disinfomation agents, they are quite simply delusional flakes who have managed to convince a bunch of people that what they’re saying has some validity because it sounds exciting and intriguing. It’s all nothing but a shared delusion based on the concepts of conspiracy theory that are widely available on the internet, wishful thinking and ego (something which all of these men have in buckets.)

    I do think Fulford is quite possibly insane. Zagami also appears to be insane, and has really gone off the deep end a few times with claims that he is an alien Christ from Sirius, and that he personally ordered the attacks of 9/11 and was directly responsible for the Chinese earthquake of 2008.

    I don’t think they are deliberate con men, I don’t even think they’re in it to make a buck. I just think they’re crazy. The only one of this group who I have suspicions about is David Wilcock. Again, I don’t think he’s a disinfo agent or anything like that, but out of all of them he is the only one I would say may be consciously trying to mislead people for personal gain. He has made various attempts to emotionally blackmail his audience by appearing on radio shows in ‘tears’ and writing articles on his website claiming to have had his life threatened by the ‘cabal’ unless everyone pays attention to him!

  2. Michael J. Hobart


    Thanks for reading and sharing your views. My objective in writing the article, however, was not to share my own views, but to be as unbiased as possible in presenting the story of Benjamin Fulford and his work. There are many people out there who claim to know the “truth,” but I am not one of them- I just want to present the raw data on a subject and let the readers decide for themselves what constitutes reality. I do hope those who read the article find it informative, thought-provoking, or at least, entertaining. I plan on taking a similar approach to any subject matter I write about in the future, including all the articles that will appear as part of the “Profiles on the Fringe” series. I hope you check them out.

    • I think your article is a good overview of the “Fulford Universe”, and you pretty much cover all the possible explanations for what he says (including the simple possibility that he is insane, which I’m glad to see, because so many people in the ‘conspiracy’ scene who criticize him automatically assume he is a disinfo agent. It seems that many people who’ve become enmeshed into conspircism can no longer imagine possibilities that fall outside of the world that is defined by it.)

      I understand your intention to let the reader decide, and you’ve done that. However, I think we also need some opinion from people who *have* formed their opinions about the subject, as I have, because even an unbiased overview like this can draw people in to this vortex of nonsense. I’ve seen people waste years of their lives obsessed with this kind of crap, forever believing that some revolution or revelation was just around the corner.

  3. Duc "BoSuSu" Nguyen

    Great infos man. Who knows what other’s reality might b like, but I know that after reading this article, mine became a bit wider. I’m excited to see what might rises up from these new horizons. Thanks alot.

  4. The big question is, how does this information change our actions?

    In this respect, there is a big difference between Benjamin Fulford’s stories and (for example) 9-11 truth. Fulford’s scenarios are too remote to affect our daily lives, whereas 9-11 truth might affect our relations with government authority. If we doubted the integrity of government, as a result of 9-11 truth, this could affect decisions about whether or not to trust government bodies with one’s personal information, such as whether to apply for an enhanced drivers license, etc.

    Fulford’s scenarios are simply too far removed from the government bodies and agents with which ordinary people might have contact.

    In realistic terms, it is far more useful to have information about banking, financial trends, surveillance and how to manage privacy. Best of all would be suggestions for how ordinary people to could act to influence events – and let’s not pretend that “little people” can’t make a difference.

    That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t enjoyed reading Fulford’s reports.

  5. The truth is that the end is happening now and is going to get ugly. “God” will stop evil from completely over coming good, for the elects’ sake. To be born again is to be born in the spirit (meditation/astral projection). Jesus is the truth.

  6. Sorry Jon, Jesus is a myth just like all the other imaginary saviors we have seen before. We are in this mess by ourselves and had better find the solution ourselves and not “Wait for Superman” to save the day1

  7. Fulford is in the middle of something. Enlightening and focusedno doubt. but is he a true source of relief, or a placebo? Is fulford the rubber crutch designed to break down at the right moment for maximum damage, like freemason Ron Paul? Fulford is at least a great resource for knowing where to look and what to check out. That and a half.

  8. On youtube Fulford appeared with Leo Zagami- who tried to sell the NWO to the viewer without calling it that- and Fulford kept jumping in trying to rein him in and mitigate his phrases, tone them down. Just far too many inaccuracies to heed him seriously. Though his HAARP stuff is great and almost none of the Truth movement will look at it. HAARP is NO conspiracy but established, documented fact. Fulford is Likeable character but ‘out there’.

    As for the article? Not interested if Fulford is or is not an ‘antisemite’. Either way, it would do nothing to hinder proven facts or data. That part of the piece could have been left out, because it matters not one jot as to his credibility, even if he was. Be like saying dont believe him- he is gay (in earlier times). Very tiresome to always have ones stance on the zionist issue be the arbiter of worth. Drop that angle, for good.

  9. That’s a very interesting statement: “Benjamin Fulford is a sort of litmus test for what one is willing to consider”.

    Pros in the arts are well aware of how to easily make money in their field. What drives a person to pursue the arts generally runs antithetical to this route. Most would rather give up on the arts than pollute the well. Benjamin Fulford is typical of western writers gone abroad. There is a long history of such people who end up writing whatever trash they can peddle to support themselves, after the means and, will that once comprised an exit strategy dry up. The initial existential mindset that allows for artistic output straddles the line of self destruction and idealism. These polar extremes are never better exposed than by writers abroad, backed into a cage of their own design. Unsure if they are killing themselves, surviving, or saving the world.

  10. Well I have done my research too. Benjamin Fulford Is on the money. As some one mentioned, this Is secret societies we are dealing with. All the Info Benjamin Fulford Is giving, is what I and I am sure others already know. But at the same time its great to get some confirmation. Take a look at UK column & the British constitution group, they are up there on the heels of the British Government.. Every nook and cranny revealed. Even when you see David Cameron, and his poodle George Osbourne, they looked petrified , Now I can see why Cameron shite himself when that guy bumped into him. Lots of people are a wake here In the UK. Was walking down putney high st London and I could overhear a girl talking on her phone about a huge government conspiracy. That put a smile on my face. There are the doubters, but you guys slating Benjamin are going to probably be remembered by myself at least for the Boo Boo your waffling. Its happening and it wont last any longer than 3mth. Late March 15. To much Info Is floating around in the Uk and Its about to blow. Think it would of come sooner but I think Its been on hold till after Xmas.

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