Step Sideways

Coming into the 21st century we have so many pressures to adjust to. Beyond manic self indulgent corporations and entrepreneurs that undermine our social structure, there is the tension of violence from dissatisfied groups, individuals and ideologies, and there is  the environment that is, whether due to human causes or not, changing in ways that will be uncomfortable for the status quo within a very short time.

The suburban life that so many in the U.S. are used to is not a viable way of living. Old patterns of understanding the world, or at least the patterns that have developed since industry and the abstraction of technological efficiency began eating away at localized communities, are being unraveled faster than they can be replaced. In this unstable situation it will take individuals who are capable of constant change and revelation to overcome, endure and build into the future.

Yesterday I did a short interview with Willi Paul, thefounder of Planetshifter Magazine,  and it brought to mind all the  folks I’ve come across since I started moving around online. I met Willi a few months ago and was impressed with the fact that within a very short time he’d managed to wrangle up interviews with over 200 folks across the spectrum of art, industry, education and all the in-betweens to talk about how sustainability was affecting them and what they were doing to create a world that can pull out of the downward toss up it seems to be heading towards now.

One of the most rewarding things about the communication platforms that are developing is the number of inspiring folks out there who are jumping in with no reservations and just trying to get things done.  The only way things are going to get better is if we all take a step sideways from our usual routine and start looking at things in a more profound way.

One response to “Step Sideways

  1. Thanks for your courage creative collaboration! Will you post our Cooltribe Echo-Hero interview there?


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