Save Big (Television Cut-Ups – Z.O.)

the room at the top of the stairs
ghosts cobwebs
blue emptiness ever strong
my dry eyes
I’m desparate

go to the sales clerk
its no longer only about you
red brick shudders
“have we got a car!”
Unleashed a better understanding
could be summer camps
at the park
exhibit unnatural behaviour

“well come on in!”
pioneering work, General Mills
is it something that you do
just out of habit?
What door?
Why is it that you eat the same cereal everyday?
Do you ever sneak things?
We will not turn on them in any way
the reasons why they feel that way
everything similar
why do you want to fit in?

I’m kind of shy
personal relevance
why a product fine tunes a message
what kind of burger?
unprecedented obtrusiveness
a school setting
school bells wring

Zac Odinn, 2010

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