This program is called ‘Look at Me’ (Television Cut-Ups – Z.O.)

everything is fast forwarding
accelerating and building on that
explosive advance
light years
go before
gamble that merchandise
paid off
earning double
and your children

create a property
the power by the 1980s
created television shows
sunny all the way
and they worked
willing to indulge
trading things for our time
convenience crazed

a riot
a craze of 1984
cut out pieces
working moms
penthouse gloss
escalation sun ascension
the moment had arrived
time to send out the spies
scrutinize every nook and cranny
non verbal signals
outside on the back deck
Mary Waits in Silence

you have to make up for lost time
along the driveway
slash comfort
The Temple of the 13th Tribe
Zac Odinn,  2010

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